05 April 2010

Nicole Richie's new clothing line- Winter Kate

Named after her daughter's middle name, Nicole Richie is ready for her worldwide new fashion line to take the industry by storm. She already has a successful jewelry line, so why can't she just have a great clothing line? This line is full of pieces from totally different ranges. Classic to modern. Edgy to romantic. This can be good, but it also can create an identity crisis. Nicole Richie states that her clothing line will be easy to wear simple, yet romantic and feminine at the same time. She is also launching a house of Harlow(daughters first name) 1960 shoe collection. The only two successful celebrity clothing line that I've seen is Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen's The Row and Elizabeth and James, and also Gwen Stefani's l.a.m.b and Harujuku. Although she has style, it takes another sort of creativity and integrity to create a good clothing line. Look what happened to Lauren Conrad. One of hollywoods biggest fashion icons and her clothing line is already on hiatus. Do you think she'll have what it takes?

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  1. I LOVE these images. Such beautiful light and soft styling. Gorgeous.