26 April 2010

Get the Gossip Girl Star's Looks

Blake Lively: Blake's Style developed from Beach Princess to Chic Queen.
To get this chic and stylish outfit these are the essentials you need:

Leighton Meester: Also so preppy and girly, it's tough not to fall in love with this girls style:
To get her flirty fashion here are the clothing essentials you will need:

Taylor Momsen: Her rocker style definitely rocks the pages of Teen Vogue and In style. She is not afraid to set the trends and make them last.
To also be a Taylor trendsetter, these are some vital garments you need:

    Jessica Szohr
    Her sultry and sophisticated style makes her one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood. She(or her stylist) obviously knows what good fashion is.
    To get the stars sultry style, these are some key clothing you will need to add to your closet.

    The most inexpensive look out of everyone is Taylor Momsen. 


    1. I LOVE Blake Lively! She's really become a fashion icon in the last few years and rightfully so. She's beautiful and I love her style.


    2. I really really enjoy your blog. It is so informative.

      thankyou so much for visiting my blog, I am now a follower of your's :)

    3. i love how they are all beautiful but so unique in their sense of style

    4. really cool,

      since you commented on my old blog i have been checking out yours :)
      i now have an outfit bassicaly the same as taylor's

      check out my new blog: www.thoughtsofagirlwhowearsdresses.blogspot.com