17 April 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 4/19-4/25

Monday: Wear a loose dark blue but not navy button down. Have it tucked into a pair of khaki flat front shorts. On your feet wear a pair of short doc martens. Have a neutral colored bag and oversized sunglasses. Hair should be straight and down. Makeup should be of course neutral with a neutral shade of liptick.
Tuesday: Wear a grey tank tucked into a pair of dark wash slightly flared high wasted jeans. Have a white oversized blazer unbuttoned to top off the look. Wear wedges with this look and a straw bag. Hair should be really wavy and down. Makeup should have a neutral lipstick and brown eye liner.
Wedesday: Wear an oversized jean shirt, and boyfriend jeans. This is a more relaxed version of the newly popular overalls. Wear metallic sandals on your feet. Hair should be down and stick straight and makeup should have a slight smoky eye.
Thursday: Wear a lacy white shift dress with a pair of blue tie-dye boat shoes or blue tie-dye sandals. This adds a nice sweet edge to the classic mini dress. Hair should be down and wavy with a few tiny braids in it. Makeup should be simple with a color like Chanel's mademoiselle lipstick on your lips.
Friday:Wear a pair of sequin short shorts, black tank, black boyfriend blazer, and a necklace. On your feet you should have wedges and makeup should be neutral. If you want to add a piece of jewelry wear some metallic pearls that go up to the collarbone. Hair should be half up half down and straight or wavy. Your choice. Makeup should be neutral with a strong smoky eye.
Saturday: Wear a billowy white cotton blouse and a pair of blue and white sleek patterned capris. I recommend the twill "megane" capris by Tory Burch. On your feet wear a pair of white wedges. Have a straw bag, fedora and hair in nice waves. Makeup should be neutral with a nice bronzer and lip gloss.
Sunday: BREAK Wear a pair of white shorts and a grey tee and relax. No makeup and let hair air dry to give yourself a break. Wear flip flops or uggs.


  1. You're totally right about your choice of outfits. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Mmmmmmm, I love anything with sequins on 'em!
    Thanks for dropping by! :D

  3. gorgeous looks
    loving the styling and mix of textures
    thanks for sharing as always darling
    and thanks for your sweet comments!


  4. never thought of this before.. i'll try doing this one day haha..


  5. Thanks for sharing :) Also thanks for the sweet comment too :)

  6. i love boyfriend jeans!!!
    the sequin shorts are totally amazinG!

  7. Coucou!! nouvel article sur mon blog!! merci pr ton passage!! Gros bisous!!

  8. Sequin bloomer shorts ftw! :)
    Great post. Xx

  9. i like the sound of thursdays outfit, i do love a good white lacy dress! great blog btw :)

  10. I love the Monday outfit description! I want the same ;)

  11. Thanks for the comment!
    I think Tuesday's outfit is my favourite.

  12. what a nice idea to put up a list of what to wear for the week!
    thanks for the comment :D

  13. I saw that pic of the model in the boyfriend jeans somewhere else and I love it. Your rules are quite good.

  14. Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I love yours too! Miu Miu shoes are amazing I love them. Tell all your friends about...


  15. Double denim = Love(:
    Avy x

  16. good. and liked the pictures, good choices too. kisses

  17. Thanks for the inspiring outfit :D
    glad i made it see your blog :D

  18. I like this post =)

    Like the denim outfit!


  19. Such great tips...loved it!

    Cheers: Evi

  20. is that you on the published photos? i love the tips!

  21. denim on denim is officially my favorite

  22. loving the denim and the "makeup should be neutral with a smoky eye" yes! i love it, juts like louis vuitton's fall 09 collection ! mmm <3

  23. I love the outfit with the blazer <33