25 April 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 4/26-5/2

Monday: wear a nice red polo shirt and black pouffy skirt. You can wear gladiator sandals and hair can be in a low pony and makeup can have a nice red lipstick. If red is too strong a color for you wear a nice coral colored lipstick.
Tuesday:Wear a pair of white jean short shorts and a white cotton tee tucked in. Have a thin brown leather belt going through the shorts. Throw over a red white and blue plaid shirt unbuttoned. Have hair down and wavy. On your feet wear a pair of white wedges. If this look works for you its perfect for a July Fourth BBQ.
Wednesday: Wear a pair of seersucker shorts and a nice black tank with small white polka dots. Mixing stripes and polka dots is very in style. Wear wedges on your feet, a nice bold bangle, and a fedora. Hair should be in a messy bun in the back with a few pieces straying around your face.
Thursday: Wear a leather jacket, loose grey tank, and dark wash jeans with sandals. Hair should be straight and down.
Friday: Wear a pair of cargo pants and a loose sparkly black sequin long sleeve top. Wear a pair of black peep toe pumps with it and hair should be long and straight.
Saturday: Wear a nice dark green metallic mini dress(that isn't tight)with a medium sized black belt around the waist. You should have black wedges on your feet with a ribbon tie. On your head you should have an all black fedora with hair down and wavy.
Sunday: BREAK DAY wear no makeup and let hair air dry. Your body needs a rest to rejuvenate. Wear a pair of black shorts and a never going out of style white tee. Flip flops or uggs.


  1. love ms. biel! she looks amazing in anything.

    xx raez

  2. love this outfit!!!
    great postt!!!!

    i love your blog so much!!!

    Ali Skye

  3. i love your blog! these ideas are lovely.

    Love Emily xx


  4. Thank you for the lovely post you left on my blog! you should follow me here

    Little Rachael

  5. love jessica's sandals!! so cute with just a simple top and jeans!

  6. great ideas for outfits!
    i'll try it ;D
    and i love jessica's style ;D