27 April 2010

Shoe of the week-4/26-5/2

These girly girl Sergio Rossi slingback pumps($695) are the perfect accessory for a summer shopping day or an evening under the stars. I can picture these perfectly on Meredith from The Parent Trap. Although fairly high, these shoes are said to be very comfortable.
Five outfits that you can wear these shoes with are:

  1. A khaki skirt and white polo. Hair should be in a side braid. 
  2. White shorts and a white tank. No jewelry. Hair should be up in a messy bun.
  3. A nice striped romper. Hair should be down and straight and you can wear some brown bangles as an accessory. 
  4. Wear a white down to knee flowy skirt, white tank, and an oversized boyfriend blazer over it.
  5. Wear a nice sequin minidress with a boyfriend blazer over it. Hair should be down and straight, and you can wear silver bangles.

26 April 2010

Get the Gossip Girl Star's Looks

Blake Lively: Blake's Style developed from Beach Princess to Chic Queen.
To get this chic and stylish outfit these are the essentials you need:

Leighton Meester: Also so preppy and girly, it's tough not to fall in love with this girls style:
To get her flirty fashion here are the clothing essentials you will need:

Taylor Momsen: Her rocker style definitely rocks the pages of Teen Vogue and In style. She is not afraid to set the trends and make them last.
To also be a Taylor trendsetter, these are some vital garments you need:

    Jessica Szohr
    Her sultry and sophisticated style makes her one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood. She(or her stylist) obviously knows what good fashion is.
    To get the stars sultry style, these are some key clothing you will need to add to your closet.

    The most inexpensive look out of everyone is Taylor Momsen. 

    25 April 2010

    An outfit for every day of the week 4/26-5/2

    Monday: wear a nice red polo shirt and black pouffy skirt. You can wear gladiator sandals and hair can be in a low pony and makeup can have a nice red lipstick. If red is too strong a color for you wear a nice coral colored lipstick.
    Tuesday:Wear a pair of white jean short shorts and a white cotton tee tucked in. Have a thin brown leather belt going through the shorts. Throw over a red white and blue plaid shirt unbuttoned. Have hair down and wavy. On your feet wear a pair of white wedges. If this look works for you its perfect for a July Fourth BBQ.
    Wednesday: Wear a pair of seersucker shorts and a nice black tank with small white polka dots. Mixing stripes and polka dots is very in style. Wear wedges on your feet, a nice bold bangle, and a fedora. Hair should be in a messy bun in the back with a few pieces straying around your face.
    Thursday: Wear a leather jacket, loose grey tank, and dark wash jeans with sandals. Hair should be straight and down.
    Friday: Wear a pair of cargo pants and a loose sparkly black sequin long sleeve top. Wear a pair of black peep toe pumps with it and hair should be long and straight.
    Saturday: Wear a nice dark green metallic mini dress(that isn't tight)with a medium sized black belt around the waist. You should have black wedges on your feet with a ribbon tie. On your head you should have an all black fedora with hair down and wavy.
    Sunday: BREAK DAY wear no makeup and let hair air dry. Your body needs a rest to rejuvenate. Wear a pair of black shorts and a never going out of style white tee. Flip flops or uggs.

    Polka Dots

    Will you look like your mother's picnic table cloth that she uses for family BBQ's, or will you look like a fashionable person following the latest and coolest trends. Here's some tips for mastering the second idea.
            1. The brighter the color, the smaller the polka dot: You don't want to wear something that is overpowering you. For instance, a nice robin egg blue tank with small polka dots is a lot more fashion forward than that shirt with giant polka dots.  

            2.  Mix it up: If your wearing a polka dot shirt, why not throw on a pair of seersucker shorts to scale the look out. Personally that is one of my top ten outfits for summer.

          3. NEVER EVER wear two polka dot items at the same time: I don't care if its a bracelet and hat, or shirt and flip flops, you never want to break this rule. This WILL make you look like summer table setting rather than summer trend setting. The only obvious item that can have two pieces matching polka dots are bikinis.

             4.Be confident: If you walk out of the house not feeling great about your outfit, you will not look great in your outfit. Be sure to give yourself reassurance that you look amazing so you can feel amazing.

             5. Leather: Polka dots are sweet girl next door type of style, so why not give a little adventure to the goody-two-shoes look. Leather is the answer! Leather jacket, leather bag, leather shorts, leather headband, leather sandals, leather bangles, leather belt, leather anything! 

             6. Pair white and navy or white and black polka dots with bold accessories: Why not push the envelope a little bit? Why not try a nice statement necklace or scarf? Works amazing.

             7. Always stick with the same size of polka dots: Never have an item that varies the size of polka dots. It will give you unwanted curves.

              8. Who wears short shorts?: When you wear polka dot shorts, wear it with a loosely tucked in white tank. It will give you the desired beachy look that everyone tries to grab in the summer.

               9. Spice up an all black outfit: One of the best way to wear polka dots is with an all black outfit. That one hint of polka dot makes the outfit liven up.

                 10. Be Smart: Before going out of the house in your shirt/shorts/skirt/romper...look in the mirror or ask a trusted friend, "Is this right for my body shape?" For some people, stripes widen the hips or bring out the bust. Know if its right for you.

    17 April 2010

    An outfit for every day of the week 4/19-4/25

    Monday: Wear a loose dark blue but not navy button down. Have it tucked into a pair of khaki flat front shorts. On your feet wear a pair of short doc martens. Have a neutral colored bag and oversized sunglasses. Hair should be straight and down. Makeup should be of course neutral with a neutral shade of liptick.
    Tuesday: Wear a grey tank tucked into a pair of dark wash slightly flared high wasted jeans. Have a white oversized blazer unbuttoned to top off the look. Wear wedges with this look and a straw bag. Hair should be really wavy and down. Makeup should have a neutral lipstick and brown eye liner.
    Wedesday: Wear an oversized jean shirt, and boyfriend jeans. This is a more relaxed version of the newly popular overalls. Wear metallic sandals on your feet. Hair should be down and stick straight and makeup should have a slight smoky eye.
    Thursday: Wear a lacy white shift dress with a pair of blue tie-dye boat shoes or blue tie-dye sandals. This adds a nice sweet edge to the classic mini dress. Hair should be down and wavy with a few tiny braids in it. Makeup should be simple with a color like Chanel's mademoiselle lipstick on your lips.
    Friday:Wear a pair of sequin short shorts, black tank, black boyfriend blazer, and a necklace. On your feet you should have wedges and makeup should be neutral. If you want to add a piece of jewelry wear some metallic pearls that go up to the collarbone. Hair should be half up half down and straight or wavy. Your choice. Makeup should be neutral with a strong smoky eye.
    Saturday: Wear a billowy white cotton blouse and a pair of blue and white sleek patterned capris. I recommend the twill "megane" capris by Tory Burch. On your feet wear a pair of white wedges. Have a straw bag, fedora and hair in nice waves. Makeup should be neutral with a nice bronzer and lip gloss.
    Sunday: BREAK Wear a pair of white shorts and a grey tee and relax. No makeup and let hair air dry to give yourself a break. Wear flip flops or uggs.

    Shoe of the week-4/12-4/18

    These Miu Miu Sparrow-print pumps($590) is a must have for spring. Everything from the pattern and shape to the color is perfect for any occasion. Also, Miu Miu's theme for their SS 10 runway show was this color and pattern so it will make you part of history. I LOVE this shoe.
    Three outfits that you can wear with this shoe are:
    1.  White boyfriend shorts, white slouchy tee, hair in a side braid.
    2. Denim shirt dress. Hair down and straight.
    3. White romper, hair down and wavy.
    **Anything highlighted has a hyperlink to where you can get these items.

    13 April 2010

    Chanel 2.55 Bag's Many Secrets

    Yes, this bag is an iconic fashion item, sitting in many closets internationally, but do you know what's really behind this bag. Here is the answer to the mysterious question. First off, the bag's name, 2.55, is named after the month(February) and year(1955) it was made. The whole bag is designed after the orphanage where Coco was for many years as a child. On the website, http://www.handbags800.com they state the main purpose of the bag very clearly. This is what they wrote:

     She lined the inside of the bag with a reddish/brown material, reminiscent of her childhood days in the orphanage and the color of the uniforms the children wore. Another reminder was the double chain strap. Caretakers at the orphanage would dangle keys from chains worn around their waists to entertain the children. Chanel borrowed the simple but dainty chains from the nuns, stating, “I know women – women adore chains.” The chain straps allowed busy women to secure their purses over the arms, freeing their hands for more important tasks. On the back of the Chanel purse, a secret pocket stored extra money, and more secrets were tucked away inside the front flap that bore the trademark “Mademoiselle” lock. Inside that flap was another secret pocket, where it rumored the lady hid notes from admirers, the most scandalous from Hans Gunter von Dinklage, a Nazi spy.

    12 April 2010

    Organic Clothing

                       Okay. We understand that organic food is made without harsh pesticides and chemicals. We understand that organic cleaning products are used without harsh chemicals that can trigger asthma. But what does organic clothing mean?
                       We all know that organic clothing is better for the environment and better for guilt free shopping. But seriously? How are we helping the environment. After doing some research on google, I came across a great website called fashionandearth.com, that helped me immensely to find this answer.
                       First off, the clothing is made of organic materials, such as recycled fibers and natural fibers. Just like the foods and cleaning products, the fibers that make our clothing are made with no pesticides. Who knew that many of our regular clothing are made with pesticides! When made, they also use less carbon, energy, and pollution. That is a definite plus. The crops that the textiles are made from also take less energy and water to grow. Renewable resources also are organic. Examples of renewable resources are bamboo and wood. One may ask, how do these make good clothing! Trust me, personally having some bamboo made clothing items, and it is very comfortable and cute.
                        Regular cotton requires a whole lot of water. It requires so much water that water shortages have been caused in many areas of the globe. Normal cotton consumes %24 of global insecticides, and 11% of the world's pesticides.(Not good) Because of this amount used, serious collateral damage in the environment is now a common thing. You know your delicious sushi, little blue jays, and cute turtles? They are affected by this. So are many other birds and ocean animals. The horrible pesticides can get into them. Very sad. The rivers of our world are also getting bad pesticides in them too. This can affect our drinking water if done recklessly. That is what happened in Pakistan and India. In india, most of their brands of Cola and bottled drinking water were containing pesticides. This kills approximately 67 million birds each year. It also has affected our national bird, the bald eagle. If you think you can just wash these harmful pesticides away, think again. It takes a long time to go away. After a study in 1992 about health affects and pesticides, their were connections between it and brain cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, birth defects, fecundability, fetal death, intrauterine growth retardation.
                       Polyester is also another thing that regular clothing is made out of. Guess what's used to produce polyester? Oil. Non renewable resource. Takes an EXTREMELY long time to make again. Just like styrofoam, polyester is not biodegradable and end up in land fills for a long time. Around 12 billion pounds of this stuff ends up in land-fills every year! Your shirt that you are wearing today may still exist when your great great grandchild just got married. Yeah. I think you get the point. Polyester also takes up so much energy! Overall, although cute and comfy, it is a weapon against our environment.
                       Since the demand for cotton and polyester are growing more and more, we need to find a solution do quench the demand and to save our environment. Such solutions are already made..and great! They are organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, tencel, silk, bamboo and many more. When getting bamboo made products however, you have to make sure they are panda friendly. This means that you aren't taking the food out of Panda's mouths. What decision will you make? I hope you made the smarter choice. I know I will.
                      Great organic collections and clothing companies are 

    1. H&M The Garden Collection( really inexpensive)
    2. katherine Hamnett
    3. Kuyichi
    4. Lela designs
    5. Linda Loudermilk
    6. Living Planet
    7. Terra Plana
    8. Syka Textiles
    9. Susan Harris design
    10. Simple
    11. Angel Cove
    12. 3tree apparel inc.
    13. alchemy goods
    14. emerican apparel
    15. ueno style
    16. cotton ginny
    17. ecosandals
    18. hemp and company
    19. HER design handbags
    20. Stella McCartney

    11 April 2010

    An outfit for every day of the week 4/12-4/18

    Monday: Wear a pair of liquid leggings and a plaid shirt. A pair of motorcycle boots would be cute on your feet. Hair can be in a loose side pony or down. Any style. Makeup should be natural with a nice teal eyeliner on your upper and lower lids.
    Tuesday: Wear a pair of white shorts and a nice blue and white striped loose top. Metallic sandals would be adorable and hair can be in a pony and straight. If you want to add some style to the pony, add a braid in it or teese up the crown. Makeup can be natural with a hint of baby blue eyeshadow
    Wednesday: Wear a pretty and causal short caftan with a pair of wedges. Some nice accessory options are bangles, aviators, or oversized bag. An adorable caftan would be this purple studded "adriana" caftan from Jo De Mer.
    Thursday: Wear a white cotton minidress, leather gladiator sandals, bright scarf, hoop earrings, and a statement bag. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup should be natural with a nice orange gloss.
    Friday:Wear a brightly colored romper(yes I know I said they were out of style a month ago but trust me, this look will work) long single necklace and sandals. Wear hair down and wavy with no makeup. Rompers are casual and if you wear makeup it makes you look like your trying too hard.
    Saturday: Wear a white button down tucked into a blue floral skirt. You can wear boots or embellished sandals with it. Top this look off with an oversized clutch. Hair can be down and straight or up in a teezed high pony.
    Sunday: BREAK DAY just wear your hair natural and have no makeup on to give yourself a rest. A nice pair of sofee shorts and a plain white tee is fine. Flip flops or uggs. Today is your day to rest.


    The definition of prom is promenade: a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year. However, our society's definition is so much different. The definition for us is, time of year where you get to where an amazing dress, do your hair and makeup, get a date, and hopefully become prom queen/king! Which definition do you like better? I believe you chose letter B. To help you get the amazing dress, I'm going to show you options for a lot of different types of girls styles.

    Feminine: Lanvin's beautiful Ostrich feather-trimmed georgette gown($6,720)is sure to make your girly personality shine in this gorgeous floor length gown.
    Sporty: This loose jersey maxi dress ($795)by Philosophy di Alberta Perretti is perfect for the sporty girl who wants to be able to move around freely at prom, yet still look amazing.

    Punk: This two layer sheer tulle dress($1,335) by Emilio Pucci is perfect for a great dress with that much needed edge to make yourself different than the rest of the girls at prom


    Modern: This patterned stretch-jersey halterneck maxi dress($400) by Milly is very in style this year for prom season.

    Classic: A beautiful old hollywood glam type of dress is Tibi's Rosette-embellished silk-charmeuse gown($945)
    Flirty: This short and flirty Ava ridged satin dress ($600)by Marc by Marc Jacobs is perfect for prom and dancing in.

    Romantic: This romantic niji crepe and lace dress($2,970)Erdem is sure to make you the center of attention in the best way possible.
    Daring: This Zac Posen angelica crepe-jersey gown($2,255) is a bold color that will show off your personality in a daring way that most girls would be jealous of your confidence. 

    Glam: This sequined silk-chiffon dress($6,995) by Stella McCartney has the glitz and glam for potential prom queen because you will definitely look like the queen of the ball.
    Sultry: This short lace-sleeve jersey mini-dress($425) by Helmut Lang is perfect for the one who wants to show a little skin in a classy way.
    Colorful: You want your ball gown to be chic with a pop of color so you stand out. This adorable folded rosette silk-crepe gown($4,590) by Valentino is perfect for that.
    Simple: Jonathan Saunders sequined silk crepe and satin gown($2,335) is perfect for the girl who wants to just be gorgeous.
    note** the highlighted words have a hyperlink to the place you can buy them. If you don't feel like clicking on it for some reason all these dresses are available at net-a-porter.

    10 April 2010

    Color Wheel of Shopping-April

    Ever feel like you don't have enough variety of colors in your closet? Well here is your lucky day to help change that.
    **all the highlighted words have a hyperlink connected to the site where you can buy them.**
    Red: Elizabeth and James cotton T-shirt dress($245). This look is great for summer. Just throw on aviators and gladiators with a cute beach bag and your beach ready! A cheaper version(less cute but cheaper) of this  shirt is the Gap cuffed boyfriend tee.(*sale*$14.99) Order the Gap one bigger for length.

    Orange:These great pair of Fendi leather zipper-pocket shorts(1,670) are great for anything really. You can dress them up or just wear them to a friends barbeque. I personally would wear them with a white shirt, long necklace, and sandals. A cheaper version of these shorts are Stella Mccartney's sunset cotton shorts($360)

    Yellow: Great bold asymmetric leather motocross jacket by Emanuel Ungaro($1,905) Wear this with a white shirt and dark wash skinny jeans. A cheaper jacket is here.

    Green: Balmain skinny cropped cargo pants($2,090), with a grey tee, leather jacket and boots. A cheaper version is these adorable j brand pants here.

    Blue: A Mathew Williamson print trim bikini($275) is perfect for lounging by the pool in. It is adorable and paired with the right sun dress, wedges, bangles, and sunglasses it will be a show-stopper. A cheaper bikini is this amazing D&G bikini($160)

    Indigo: An extremely cute bag that will go with anything is the platinum label leather satchel($398) by Badgley Mischka. I would wear it with a cute white dress, necklace, and heels. A cheaper version of this bag is the Badgley Mischka platinum label small crescent leather bag($145).

    Violet(purple):One of my favorite colors. I also love shoes. So why don't put it together and have a great loca studded pair of pumps by Brian Atwood($800)! I would wear this outfit with a very sweet and girly cocktail dress. I don't think that there are a very similar pair of these shoes any cheaper but here are another great pair of shoes that are purple by Rock and Republic(who recently just filed for bankruptcy) Aria Platform Sandals.

    Pink: A great pink accessory is a bright pink scarf. I found a great one by Virginia Johnson, shark print merino wool scarf($195) I would wear it with a graphic top, shorts and sandals. Another great pink scarf but is less expensive is j crews silk neon paisley scarf in pink.

    Word of advice** Don't wear all the items together. It will look like a bright mess.

    09 April 2010

    Now this is a What we call a Statement Necklace.

    Stella Mccartney has always been incredible and especially in the jewelry department. One of her newest pieces(shown above) has just proved how great she actually is. This all black statement necklace, although black, will add a pop to any of your spring and summer wardrobes.
    Four examples of what to wear it with are:
    1. A white loose tank, and white skinny jeans with black ballet flats.
    2. White dress and black heels.
    3. White tee, Camel colored boyfriend blazer, and bleached denim shorts with a brown sandal or black doc marten boot.
    4. Striped blue and white shirt, khaki skinny jeans, and black sandals.

    Alexander Wang Pyramid Clutch

    His very visible grey sport bra look in his 2010 ready to wear Spring runway show isn't the only design from this iconic fashion designer's collection that people are talking about. His very innovative pyramid shaped clutch($490) has also gotten a lot of buzz too. How come no one has thought about this before. It is genius. This black studded triangle shaped clutch probably going to be spring and summers fads now. Love it so much. What do you think about it?

    Shoes Tell Us Their Names.

    Over the past few days, I have been looking at great shoes on the web. A trend I came across was not with the shoe itself, it was with the name! Most of the names were like gibberish. Like Wala, or Freya. It was crazy and why not just call it suede fringe boot or something. So I decided to do some research. These words are not actually gibberish they have definitions that can explain the meaning of possibly what the designer saw in the shoe. For instance, in norse mythology, freyja(spelled differently but sounds the same) was a goddess who was associated with beauty, gold, and love. Maybe thats what the designer associated the shoe with. The same circumstance comes with wala. Walla,(again, spelled differently but sounds the same)  is the sound effect that american radio, television, and film use to imitate the murmur of a crowd. The designer possibly wanted to have people talking and murmuring about his/her fantastic shoe. I found both these things very interesting because it explains so much about what the designer is trying to accomplish with his/ her shoe

    08 April 2010

    Shoe of the week-4/5-4/11

    This Jimmy Choo shoe is sure to get you noticed this Spring! Here are three options with what to wear with

    1. A nice and short, black romper and no jewelry because this shoe is too much of a statement to wear any jewelry.
    2. Wear with a pair of camel colored cuffed short shorts, white never-going-out-of-style tee, and jean or leather jacket. No jewelry.
    3. skinny acid wash jeans, black tank, and white studded blazer.

    Top ten best dressed Celebs of the month- APRIL

    Lauren Conrad-Lauren Conrad definitely controlled her reign as one of the most fashionable Hollywood stars last night. Her outfit was the life of the party at a new Hollywood club named Trousdale, in West Hollywood. Looking chic in an all black outfit, she still stood out and looked her normally happy self. Also, Side Braids are very in style so that was a perfect hair choice.


    Blake Lively-In front of the camera of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively rocks her look as Serena. In real life, she is just as stylish. Recently named one of the best dressed celebs by Glamour, she is at her best yet. 


    Chanel Iman-She always looks on top of her game, whether its on the runway, photo shoot or real life. This teen supermodel is an amazing dresser and recently showed her skills in Allure's short story segment for April.


    Margherita Missoni -Being part of a family of fashion legends definitely lets you develop the style gene. She always looks pulled together with her long dark hair and exquisite outfits. Now, she is trying to pursue a theatrical career in the bright lights of NYC.


    Charlize Theron-Being on the cover of this months German Elle just helps the fact that she is one of the best dressed. Although she chose one of the most hideous dresses for the Oscars, this star rebounded in the past months with stunning outfit choices. The south-african native actress is always being seen looking effortlessly gorgeous from head to toe.


    Whitney Port-Recently seen in Glamour with buddies Lauren Conrad(number 1.) and Lo Bosworth, she looked her usual amazing self. Whitney Port's fashion strength is that she can make casual items and fancy items flow together in harmony. Everyone wants to pull off looks like she can!

    Sarah Jessica Parker-Its crazy that even with two new beautiful baby twins, SJP has time to look fashionable and promote her amazing perfume line, SJP NYC. She was seen looking fabulous on the red carpet for a launch of a reality show named Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. She and project Runway have joined together to take fourteen unknown artists and compete for money and an art show at a famous museum. Boy, does she have her hands full!


    Jessica Alba-When does she NOT look good! Also like Sarah Jessica Parker, this mommy still manages to look amazing while juggling her little girl. Recently spotted buying easter eggs with her daughter Honor she was looking chic as ever.

    BeyoncĂ©-Despite rumors that this mega pop star has one in the oven, she is still looking Sasha Fierce in her clothes. Although she has many hits and misses, she has been hitting a lot of bulls-eyes lately in the fashion department! She celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary with husband Jay-Z in NYC by watching the broadway show, Chicago, and eating at a great italian restaurant, Nello, on April 3rd.


    Kate Moss- Last but not least, Kate Moss! She has always proven to be fashion forward so how can she not be on this Top ten best dressed! Miss Moss and her boyfriend are currently in Paris this Easter for a  Romantic Trip and Kate Moss was looking straight on target with her garments.