31 March 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 4/5-4/11

Monday: Wear a tight white skirt( 3-6 in. above knee) with a neutral tank and pin striped blue and white button down. Neutral heels of any height four inches or below or neutral sandals are good. Wear long thick necklaces and bangles. Hair can be in a high ponytail. Makeup can be natural with an orangish pinkish lipstick.
Tuesday: A grey V-neck, white blazer, and jean shorts or tight capris would make a perfect spring tuesday outfit. Sandals of any color are good.A nice accessory is aviators.  Hair should be huge waves and makeup should be yet again natural with bronzer along cheek bones.
Wednesday: A plain white flowy or tight tank top, white jeans, and gold metallic sandals with an oversized gold metallic bag is a nice laid back look for Wednesday. A nice hair style would be straight or slightly wavy with a few pulled back braids. Makeup should be neutral AGAIN with focus around a nice warm toned blush.
Thursday: A white ruffled silk blouse loosely tucked into a cute pair of navy blue jean trousers with a big black studded belt. Throw over your top a black leather jacket. Have a little black purse to hold your cell phone and makeup in. On your feet you can wear metallic sandals or high neutral pumps. Hair can be wavy and makeup can be neutral with a shiny lipgloss and a goldish eye shadow.
Friday: A nice look for a nice night out is a black tank tucked into a black skirt with flowers on it. A cute pair of brown T-strap platform sandal will top off the look. Throw over a black boyfriend blazer and a cute short necklace and your all good to go!
Saturday: Wear a LBD with black closed toe 3 in. heels and a long necklace of white pearls. Wear hair straight or wavy and makeup should have a nice orange lip stick.
Sunday: Sweatpants and a tank. Flip flops. No makeup and let hair air dry naturally to give yourself and your body a rest.

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