10 April 2010

Color Wheel of Shopping-April

Ever feel like you don't have enough variety of colors in your closet? Well here is your lucky day to help change that.
**all the highlighted words have a hyperlink connected to the site where you can buy them.**
Red: Elizabeth and James cotton T-shirt dress($245). This look is great for summer. Just throw on aviators and gladiators with a cute beach bag and your beach ready! A cheaper version(less cute but cheaper) of this  shirt is the Gap cuffed boyfriend tee.(*sale*$14.99) Order the Gap one bigger for length.

Orange:These great pair of Fendi leather zipper-pocket shorts(1,670) are great for anything really. You can dress them up or just wear them to a friends barbeque. I personally would wear them with a white shirt, long necklace, and sandals. A cheaper version of these shorts are Stella Mccartney's sunset cotton shorts($360)

Yellow: Great bold asymmetric leather motocross jacket by Emanuel Ungaro($1,905) Wear this with a white shirt and dark wash skinny jeans. A cheaper jacket is here.

Green: Balmain skinny cropped cargo pants($2,090), with a grey tee, leather jacket and boots. A cheaper version is these adorable j brand pants here.

Blue: A Mathew Williamson print trim bikini($275) is perfect for lounging by the pool in. It is adorable and paired with the right sun dress, wedges, bangles, and sunglasses it will be a show-stopper. A cheaper bikini is this amazing D&G bikini($160)

Indigo: An extremely cute bag that will go with anything is the platinum label leather satchel($398) by Badgley Mischka. I would wear it with a cute white dress, necklace, and heels. A cheaper version of this bag is the Badgley Mischka platinum label small crescent leather bag($145).

Violet(purple):One of my favorite colors. I also love shoes. So why don't put it together and have a great loca studded pair of pumps by Brian Atwood($800)! I would wear this outfit with a very sweet and girly cocktail dress. I don't think that there are a very similar pair of these shoes any cheaper but here are another great pair of shoes that are purple by Rock and Republic(who recently just filed for bankruptcy) Aria Platform Sandals.

Pink: A great pink accessory is a bright pink scarf. I found a great one by Virginia Johnson, shark print merino wool scarf($195) I would wear it with a graphic top, shorts and sandals. Another great pink scarf but is less expensive is j crews silk neon paisley scarf in pink.

Word of advice** Don't wear all the items together. It will look like a bright mess.


  1. The leather jacket is amazing!

    To reply your comment: When it comes to accessoires I'm pretty eccentric. Can't be enough! :D

  2. I love this post. It's such a great idea! I definitely have trouble varying my colors away from my few regulars. I love that yellow jacket. Ever since I gave away my yellow jacket a few years ago, I've bee needing a new one.

    xox Courtney Michele

  3. The yellow jacket is bold, but yet so cool!

  4. yellow jacket is awesome!

    beijo *

  5. red top,scarf,studded shoes,yellow jacket ,heart heart :) nice!!

  6. Those violet pumps are fantastic! One of the coolest pairs of shoes I've seen in a long time. :)

  7. that's the prettiest rainbow i've seen in a long time! love the shoes and jacket especially...

  8. oh i love the bag!

    For everything about fashion:

  9. I LOVE that yellow leather jacket... that's a color I would not expect to see it in.

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  11. This is perfect for me! I need to add some yellow and red into my wardrobe. I look in my closet and see mostly blue, white, pink, purple, and black. Great picks!

  12. Nice blog, thanks for your lovely comment by the way! I love that yellow jacket. xxx

  13. thanks for coming by~!
    i the pink scarf, because i have one too~!
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  14. you're so sweet- thanks for visiting my blog, yours is great! i love that red shirt! <3


  15. OMG, I want those leather shorts! How cute are they!!!


  16. hey samantha thanks for your ♥ comment!

    those are giveaways from evita nuh's blog!
    she is a little sweet girl :D


  17. whyyy must you tease me with the fendi shorts? so gorge.

  18. That's such a pretty purse! Love it!

    Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. <3


  19. Thanks for visiting!

    Great post! I definitely need more color in my wardrobe.

  20. hi samsntha
    woo looks very bright

    nice outsfits, all are very colorful,

    hey thanks for comment
    have a great day

  21. Love the jacket! And the shoes. And the handbag. ;)

  22. that BM satchel was sooo cute!! love the color.

  23. my gosh i love them all! especially that yellow jacket but i agree, they would have to be worn seperaely...


  24. i want that shoes too!
    thanks for the comment :D
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  25. nice blog u have here! I love the shorts! <3

    Pham Xan


  26. Awesome work Samantha!! This is a really helpful post!! I will totally work the yellow possibilities out! :) Following you!

  27. great great jacket and gretìat shoes and bag !! ;0

  28. I need (yes. need) the Fendi shorts, the Ungaro jacket and the violet studded pumps. Now which kidney should I sell...? :)

    ...as horrific as this will sound to you... I would wear the jacket with the skinny cargos with the pumps and the scarf!! All at once!! Yes I do normally dress as if a rainbow vomited on me. I'm too old for restraint!

    Thank you for visiting my blog Samantha.


  29. Great selection of clothes! I really like the last printed scarf.


  30. Thanks for your visit:) I actually did wear a leather jacket, a black one, but when it became warmer I only wore the cardigan!

    Great colored items! I especially like the orange shorts and yellow jacket. You're giving great outfit tips, will follow you!

  31. I really love the yellow leather jacket and studded pumps too!!! Really amazing! You have got a really nice blog!
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  32. what a great post, obsessed with those leather shorts, we posted on those too! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

  33. Great idea - I am so bad at wearing colour, if it's not black, white grey or (I suppose!) navy blue I seem to have a total aversion to it, which is just silly!

  34. great post! love the short and the jacket. =)) those are gorgeous.

    hugs and kisses,

  35. Oh wow, are those shorts leather?! It says cotton, right, but they look like leather! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad I found you and I'm definitely following!! Cheers!

  36. Omg love the leather shorts, so georgeous:)

    Lol Factory Girl

  37. Amazing post, love everything you've picked x

  38. Color is something I definitely need to add to my wardrobe. My closet is a sea of neutrals. I love, Love, LOVE that yellow jacket! And I love that you introduce all these fantastic pieces but also a cheaper alternative. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I saw the price tag!

  39. love the electric blue and yellow! already got 2 pieces in the blue for the summer, now I'm looking for a perfect little something in yellow :)

    thank you for stopping by and your super sweet comment!

    Bikinis & Passports

    p.s. love the word of advice :)

  40. this is a great post idea! cute blog