31 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/31-6/6

Monday: Wear baggy blue cotton short shorts with a white pull over sweater on top. Hair can be down and straight. On your feet where white high heeled platform loafers. Makeup should be subtle with a nice coral lip stick.

Tuesday: Wear white jean short shorts, and a nice white v neck tee. Over the v neck where a bright blue boyfriend blazer. On your feet wear moccasins or metallic boat shoes. If you prefer to remain with sandals have a nice metallic gladiator sandal. Hair can be in a fishtail side braid and makeup can be neutral with a nice rosy blush along cheekbones.

Wednesday: Wear black leggings, High heeled up to knee black booties, plain grey tee, and a red military style jacket buttoned up over that. This gives you a very edgy look. Hair can be down and straight. Makeup should have a nice coral lipstick and bronzer.

Thursday: Wear a white tank loosely tucked into a polka dot skirt. Wear an oversized boyfriend jacket over that.

Friday: Wear a pair of boyfriend jean short shorts, black medium sized belt, a  slouchy grey v neck barely tucked in, and black peep toe high heeled booties. Over your shirt you can wear a nice loose, baggy, oversized black cardigan.

Saturday: Wear a grey tee, black leggings, military boots, and a nice boyfriend blazer. A really nice accessory is an oversized camouflage patterned scarf and an oversized bag. Hair can be down with a slight wave and makeup can be subtle with a nice blush along cheekbone.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and thats all. No makeup and let hair air dry o give yourself a break from the week.

29 May 2010

What's black and white and read all over?

No, the answer is not a newspaper this time! It's this marvelous John Galliano bag($691.20)! This bag is white with a newspaper article(quite interesting article if I say so myself)in black text. The cherry on top of this amazing bag is, well, cherries. This bag is definitely on my top ten list for summer. Is it on yours?

23 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/24-5/30

Monday: Wear a blue and white striped tee, white cotton shorts, and brown wedge espadrilles. Wear a bib necklace over the shirt. Hair can be down and wavy. Makeup should be subtle with a foundation that gives a glowy tint to your face.

Tuesday: Wear a white silk tank tucked into floral shorts. Over that wear a nice black oversized blazer. On your feet wear a pair of wedges or metallic sandals. Hair can be in a side braid or down and straight. Makeup should be simple with a nice coral lip stick

Wednesday: Where a pair of blue and white pin striped shorts and a with a nice button down medium shaded blue blouse. You can wear a piece of jewelry that goes down to the collarbone if you want to. On your feet wear a pair of metallic or brown boat shoes or a pair of brown sandals. Hair can be down and straight and makeup should be subtle with a coral lipstick.

Thursday: Its spring so it's time to whip out those pastels. Where a white tank, pastel orange cardigan, pastel pink shorts, and mocassins. Hair can be in a side braid and makeup can consist of a rosy blush along collarbone.

Friday: Wear a white jean short shorts with a long sleeved army green loose shirt and brown sandals. An accessory that i recommend is a brown fringe bag. Hair can be down with a slight wave with a piece in the front clipped back into a braid. Makeup can be natural with a nice bronzer along areas where you generally get the most sun.

Saturday: Wear a cute white mini dress with a grey studded biker jacket over it. On your feet you can wear a pair of nude gladiator heels.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of brightly colored biker shorts and an oversized sweatshirt so you can feel relaxed and comfortable. No makeup and hair should be air dried to give yourself a much needed rest.

22 May 2010

Shoe of the Week-5/17-5/23

These sophisticated Lanvin Two tone leather sandals($725) are perfect for oh so many places. You can wear them to work, to a party, to a restaurant, etc. The lucite heel is also a nice modern touch that will put a fine line between your shoes and your grandmothers.
Three outfits you can wear these with are:

  1. A white blouse tucked into a black skirt with a nice little belt and nude cardigan over it. Hair can be down and wavy with makeup subtle mostly based around the eyes.
  2. A pair of jean shorts, a white tank, and leather jacket.
  3. A nice LBD with hair up in a messy pony and makeup having a smoky eye.
  4. A nice peach dress.

20 May 2010

Kudos To Free People

Not only was Free People's May catalogue up on all the new trends and styles of the fashion world, they were also up on a new trend. This was having NOT having tons of stick thin, photoshop perfect models flaunting out and about in the collection. Most, but not all, of the girls in the catalogue looked like real human beings that you would see in an everyday high school. And, they looked pretty too! This will make me be wanting to buy free people a whole lot more now. My personal item that I want is an adorable pink, one shoulder solid tunic($58). Not only is it adorable, but its affordable.

17 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/17-5/23

Monday: Wear a turquoise caftan, metallic kitten heeled sandals, and aviators. Hair can have a beachy wave to it. Makeup should be neutral with a nice shimmery eye shadow.

Tuesday: Wear a pair of colored jeans(preferably pink) and cuff them to about your ankles. Wear an oversized plain white tee. Over that wear long layered necklaces. On your feet i suggest a pair of brown wedges. Hair can be up in a messy bun or down and straight. Makeup can be neutral with a nice glossy lip gloss.

Wednesday: Wear a pretty silk hot pink romper with a pair of black gladiator sandals. Wear a long necklace as a final touch. Hair can be down and straight and makeup could be very natural with a nice tinted moisturizer.

Thursday: Wear khaki short shorts with an oversized grey sweater. Hair can be down in a messy side braid.  Subtle makeup with a brown liner around eyes. On your feet you can wear brown cork wedges.

Friday: Wear a floral jump suit with brown wedge espadrilles. Although very daring, the look will work. Wear hair down and beach wavy.

Saturday: Party tonight! Wear a structured white v neck, white mini skirt, and pastel pink oversized boyfriend jacket over this ensemble. Wear beige platform pumps with this. Makeup should be neutral with a nice pinky gloss. Hair can be down and really really wavy or stick straight. No in between.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of pastel pink sofee shorts, pastel blue v neck and beige uggs. This gives you a nice spring touch even when your tired. No makeup and let hair air dry in two braids to give yourself a rest.

16 May 2010

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the world in eighty days may have been a popular novel, movie, donald duck and goofy remake, or a cheesy wedding theme, but one thing it has not been viewed as is a....style guide. On Once Upon A Fad, every so often I will now post an outfit that is inspired by or would look great when going to a certain exotic place around the world. There will be in total eighty posts for the eighty different places around the world.

Around the World in 80 Days-Austin, Texas

11 May 2010

Shoe of the week-5/10-5/16

This exquisite Christian Louboutin Ronette Lilac Shoe($1,095) is great for Spring and summer! Its lilac color makes it fit right in to the rest of your Spring wardrobe and can go with many fabulous outfits. Although expensive, it's okay to splurge on something that will never go out of style. Although the height might scare you, after a little bit of practice, Louboutins are very easy to walk in without getting blisters all over your feet. If that happened, I'm sure Louboutins wouldn't be one of the best shoe collections out there.
Five outfits you can wear this shoe with are:

  1. A nice white caftan and bangles. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup could be subtle.
  2. Cuffed up boyfriend short shorts, a slouchy white tee and leather jacket. Hair can be in a high sleek pony and makeup can be subtle.
  3. A beautiful lilac flowy dress. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup can be neural.
  4. A nice pair of cuffed up leather leggings, graphic tee, and boyfriend blazer.
  5. A nice party sequined purple dress. Hair can be down and straight with a nice bit of volume to it and makeup can be subtle with a nice purple eye shadow.

10 May 2010

Clothing Store of the Month. Splendid

Splendid is an amazing clothing line that is just, well, splendid. It's soft as cashmere materials make it addictive to go back to any other brand. When you wear splendid, other people look at your stylish outfit and love it, but you forget your in a stylish outfit because it feels like your wearing your comfiest pair of light weight pjs! Splendid is always full of color to brighten up your wardrobe in the absolute best way possible.

You might think that some laboratory scientist spent months locked up in his lab trying and trying to create the absolute softest yet fashion forward fabric on the face of the earth. But in reality, it was just a lawyer. Moise Emquies to be exact. He is the mastermind behind founding and creating the Mecca of all softness.

In 1992, Moise Emquies, law school graduate, was sitting in a local bar waiting to find out the results for his California bar exam. His friend, knowing how stressful waiting can be, decided to offer him the chance to create a simple t shirt for her store. Moise, being the driven person that he is, jumped right on the opportunity, thinking it would be fun. He learned about all the different textiles, trying to find the absolute highest quality one to put his design on. Once he found it he created his t shirt, which quickly sold out of the store. While that was happening, his law career was also succeeding, for which he got his first job at a law firm. However, Emquies didn't want to leave fashion behind.

Moise began designing more and more t shirts for his friends bar when he had free time away from the office. He kept on boosting his quality and softness to the next level, always seeking for the best of the best. Then, he created his first fashion company, Leopold, which he owned for nine years. Although this line didn't reach fame, he met and hired a key person that would help him reach fame in the years that followed. Her name is Pamella Protzel. Now the head designer for another line that Emquies owns, Ella Moss. Does that name ring a bell? Splendid was born from Emquies' quest to find the best t shirt in the world. The softest fabric, and most color absorbing yarns, molted into one.

The quest took ten years, when he found the ultimate duo. Fifty percent supima cotton. Supima cotton gives the shirts the fabric body, and fifty percent micro modal. Modal is a form of rayon that makes his incredible apparel super soft and that has bright colors that doesn't fade in the wash. He named his line Splendid. Splendid because it was just that; Splendid.

In 2002 splendid launched and has been growing above and beyond ever since. Each year, Emquies and his staff are always ready to push it even farther. Because of this motivation they have created, tanks, thermals, dresses, shorts, leggings, sweats, cardigans, sweaters, tees, and other comfy and colorful pieces. In 2005, they created Splendid Littles, a line that babies can wear and love, and Splendid Mills, a line that men can love.

My personal new favorite Splendid piece of clothing is their new Modal Contrast Dress($155)

Celebs seen wearing splendid include: Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, Diane Kruger, and Courtney Cox.

Full credit for this article goes to: http://www.splendid.com/our_story.html

09 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the Week 6/7-6/13

Monday: Wear a grey tee with a flannel shirt over it. On the botton, wear a pair of jeggings and motor cycle boots. A great bag to where this with is a sequin bag. Makeup should be neutral and hair should be straight.

Tuesday: Wear a nice pale pink cotton dress with a cargo jacket over it. This gives you a little sweet and a little edgy. A perfect combo. On our feet you can wear high heeled nude gladiators. Hair can be up in a messy bun with a few wisps in the front tousled out. Makeup should have a nice coral lip stick and bronzer. Don't go too heavy on the eyes.

Wednesday: Wear a floral and flowy dress that comes to about 3 to 5 inches above your knee, Wear with that a pair of orange wedges, and some shell necklaces to give yourself some personal beachy flair. Hair can be down and really wavy and makeup can have a nice pale pink lipstick and a hint of pale pink eyeshadow.

Thursday: Wear a grey short sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. Over that wear an oversized boyfriend blazer and wooden bangles. On your feet wear a pair of suede mules. To add a pop of color, I recommend a nice pink oversized bag. Hair can be down and straight and makeup could have a nice neutral lipstick color.

Friday: Wear a mocha dress and yellow pumps. Yellow and brown work amazing together. Hair can be down and straight and makeup can be subtle.

Saturday: Wear a pair of bleached denim skinny jeans, yellow tank, black boyfriend blaer, black doc martens, and a chunky necklace is a great outfit for a Saturday night party. Hair can be wavy or straight and makeup should have a nice coral lipstick.

Sunday: *Break day* Wear a pair of sweats and tank. Let hair air dry and give yourself a facial to give yourself a much needed down time.

An outfit for every day of the week 5/10-5/16

Monday: Wear a nice red tank With a Floral mini skirt. Over your red tank wear a pretty yellow cardigan. On your feet I suggest mocassins. Hair can be down and wavy while makeup can be subtle with a nice pop of bright coral lipstick.

Tuesday: Wear a nice silk shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers. Wear boat shoes on your feet. Hair can be down and wavy or up and messy. Make sure to give yourself a smoky eye so you look fashionable rather than a waitress.

Wednesday: Wear a white tank tucked into a ruffled black skirt that goes to about two inches above your knee. On your feet wear black high heeled booties. Wear a nice long necklace that is noticeable but not the center of attention. Wear hair back into a sleek high pony or down with huge waves. A nice accessory is a white oversized clutch. Makeup should be subtle with a rosy blush along cheekbone.

Thursday: Wear a white caftan with a beaded belt over it. On your feet you can wear a pair of metallic boater shoes. Hair can be down and wavy. Makeup should be subtle with a bronzer on places normally where you get the most tan(or burnt).

Friday: Wear a nice pair of white slightly ripped jeans, a tight but not too tight white tank, leather jacket, and a scarf with a pop of color. On your feet wear a pair of suede boots. A nice accessory would be a pair of aviators. Hair can be down and straight and makeup should be subtle with nothing on the lips because then it would clash too much with the scarf and aviators and you definitely don't want to spoil those two amazing pieces.

Saturday: Wear a pair of acid wash jean shorts, white tank, and a sequined boyfriend blazer over it. Hair can be in a messy high pony or down and straight.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of grey sweats and a black tank. Hair can be air dried and in a pony and no makeup to give yourself a rest for a busy monday. Wear flip flops (or slippers) on your feet.

08 May 2010

Designer of the Month May: Tory Burch

          The second you see that big circular golden T logo, your mind will instantly think of Tory Burch. Only discovered five years ago, Burch has made herself one of the most successful and most recongnizable, yet not insanely priced, lines in history of fashion. Very much like the modern Coco Chanel, Burch has worked hard for this spot on fashion's highest pedestal. 

          Tory Burch was born in Valley Forge Pennsylvania in the year of 1967. She lived a very elite childhood, with being able to live on a marvelous thirty acre plot of land, where she could climb trees and play with her two older brothers, Robert and James. Some might say this is crazy, but Tory Burch was actually a tom boy! Her very fashionable mother would always struggle just getting Burch to where a dress. Who knew at the time that she would end up making them?

          Tory went to the highly prestigious Agnes Irwin school. There, she was known for being great at sports. Two of her favorite sports were Tennis, where she was Captain of her school's tennis team, and horse back riding, which Burch enjoyed greatly. Now, we know that Burch is a strong woman who can channel her love and ambition, then sports, now fashion, to almost anything she desires.
         Buddy and Reva Robinson, Tory Burch's beloved parents, were and still are a major impact on Tory's inspiration for her designs. Both her parent's,part of an elite social circle, were very fashion forward people. Her mom's closet was filled with glamourous garments and designer labels. Her dad had polished to perfection custom made suits and great ties. Every summer, Buddy and Reva went to Europe and on their departure there, Reva would take a brief stop in Morocco and pick herself up some beautiful tunics. Later, tunics would be one of Tory's signature items that would be her golden ticket to fame.

           Although Burch's parents were major inspiration, they weren't the only thing that inspires her to make beautiful clothing seen on celebrities galore. Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn and the time period of the sixties and seventies, also impacts Tory's fashion sense to what she wears out of the house to what she miraculously sketches.

           After graduating from High School, Burch attended U Penn. There she majored in art history, but more importantly discovered her love and desire for the fashion industry. A love and desire that would eventually make her over 200 million dollars in sales. A love and desire that she would eventually base her life around. A love and desire that would eventually sky rocket her to fame.
           Every job out of college that Tory Burch had were all part of the fashion industry. Like I said earlier, her mom Reva was very in style. She shopped at all of the designer stores frequently. One store that saw her come in and out all the time was Zoran, so when her daughter, Tory Burch, applied for a job there, she was sent straight into the PR department.

           After this tough but very educational job at Zoran, Burch moved on to be a copywriter for Ralph Lauren. There she also learned very much that would later help influence her successful career. After leaving Ralph Lauren, Burch returned to public relations at another big shot name, Vera Wang. There, she met her future husband, Chris Burch. 

           Tory and Chris Burch wed in 1996, which shot Tory to join her husband in high society status. Chris and Tory had three boys together. Twins and then another boy. Chris also had three children from a previous marriage, so Tory had her hands full and took a break from working to become a full time mom. 
            Although Tory loved being a full time mom, she began to have the longing to jump right back into the fashion scene. She couldn't stand just watching it from afar. Something that motivated her immensely to jump right back into her passion was an inspirational commercial about following your dreams that was repetitively shown on t.v. So, Tory decided to do just that. Follow her dreams into fashion design. 
             Just like woman fashion designer legend Coco Chanel, the man in Tory's life(husband Chris Burch) financed her with most of the money she needed to have to start her very first collection. Tory worked vigorously for eight months, night and day on her first collection, transforming her dreams from paper to tangible masterpieces that anyone would be proud of. 
             In 2004, Tory's dream came true. She opened the Tory Burch Line.  Because of her many connections in the fashion world from PR, social class, and good fashionable friends, her opening day of the store was filled with everyone from New York City Socialites to Hollywood Starlets. No wonder that every article of clothing, from every ballet flat to tunic was sold out by the end of her very FIRST DAY of being in business. Something that makes Tory Burch's line so appealing is that she has great quality but not overly expensive clothing that any women could wear.

             In March of the Year 2005, a friend of Oprah gave one of Tory Burch's tunics to her as a gift and Oprah fell in love with Tory's amazing collection and became her number one fan. Oprah loved her tunics(one of Tory's signature pieces) so much that she brought Tory on her show and made her and her line an overnight fame. The day after the show aired her website got eight million hits and she sky rocketed to being part of the high end level of fashion lines. Another fact that proved this was that also in 2005, Burch beat many great collections and won the rising star award for best new retail concept. Her career was now sealed to be a successful one.

            Something that seems to happen a lot of times is that when you are at your ultimate high in your career, your personal life hits a rough bump(i.e Sandra Bullock). This happened with Tory. In 2006, after ten years of blissful marriage, her and her husband sadly divorced after rumors were whirling that Tory was having an affair. Although now not married, Tory and Chris still remained friends, which is generally tough for couples to succeed.

             Three years ago, in 2007, Tory won another prestigious award, the accessory brand launch of the year, from the accessories council of excellence. In 2008 she won another award yet again! This time, it was from the CDDA for accessory designer of the year. 

               Although Tory is so wrapped up with runway shows and parties and her kids, she still has time for something else. This is charity. Tory founded The Tory Burch Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that provides micro loans and other types of financial support to women and their families who are in deep poverty in the United States. A beautiful necklace that Tory Burch designed that %100 of the proceeds go to The Tory Burch Foundation is this leather world charm necklace($350). 

                A list of some celebrities that are spotted wearing Tory Burch are: Prince, Oprah Whinfrey, Blake Lively, Isla Fisher, Dakota Fanning, Anne hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Katherine Heigl, Hillary Swank, Viola Davis, Molly Sims, Rachel Weisz, Halle Berry, Leightin Meester, Lauren Conrad, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Coco Rocha.

A site that helped me greatly with obtaining information about Tory Burch was:

03 May 2010

Shoe of the week-5/3-5/9

This flirty Valentino napa bow weedge($795) is going to be the life of the party this spring and summer! This chocolate brown wedge can range from wearing it on the beach to a nice cocktail party.
Eight outfits I would wear this with are:

  1. A silky navy blue romper. The two colors will balance each other quite nicely. I would wear my hair many ways. Down and wavy, curly, or straight works. Two braids, a side braid. A nice tight bun, a messy bun, anything. The only jewelry I would wear is earrings.
  2. A fun and flirty pink dress. Everyone knows that pink and brown work together amazing to produce a sweet and sultry look.
  3. A nice pair of jean shorts, and white shirt. Hair can be wavy, curly, straight, or in a side braid.
  4. White boyfriend jeans(cuffed), and a black v neck. Hair can be down and wavy.
  5. A nice short floral skirt, and and a pink shirt. Hair can be down and wavy.
  6. A striped dress, bangles, and a necklace is a great outfit. Hair can be down and straight or in a really really messy side braid
  7. A nice sequined skirt tucked with a white shirt tucked into it.
  8. A lace top, white shorts, skinny belt, leather oversized blazer, and hair should be down and stick straight or wavy.

What's a May-be NOT for May

Tanning Beds: Everyone wants a tan but don't risk your life for one. Also, tanning beds make you look fake and snooki-like. Stick to the bronzer and spray tan.

Celeb Clothing lines: It's easier to dress well than make good clothing. Half the time they aren't even making the clothing, their "team" is. It's just a big no.

Chokers: Although edgy, leave this look for the bulldogs because it just doesn't work well on human necks.

Mohawks: It just looks tacky. Either get a complete buzz cut or leave your hair long.

Drastic highlights: Blond highlights against dark hair or dark highlights against blond hair. In the summer, your hihglights/ hair will get even lighter and it will look even faker than it already does. The highest you can go is two tones from your natural color.

Bustier tops: They are trashy, not classy. It's okay to wear them under a dress or shirt, just not as the dress or shirt.

What I just may have to have for May

April showers brings May flowers: FLORAL! FLORAL! FLORAL! Anything floral is a must-have. My latest something-floral obsession is this so happening rebecca taylor strapless silk floral-print dress($495). It was actually seen on Taylor Swift and Carmen Electra, who both looked drop dead gorgeous in it.

Metallic Sandals: They add some edge to a spring/summer look and and the perfect accessory for a party on the beach or in the garden where wearing heels is just unnecessary. My latest fav pair of metallic sandals are these Miu Miu metallic leather gladiator sandals($610)

White shades: Although it's not quite memorial day, white is the perfect color to freshen up your wardrobe. A great white outfit is these amazing Diane von Furstenberg jailie high-rise paint-effect skinny jeans($325), T by Alexander Wang racer-back jersey tank($74), Maison Martin Margiela ruched leather ankle boots($995), and this beautiful Lanvin snowfkake swarovski crystal necklace($1,090).

Cowboy Boots: Although most people want to be in flip flops for the Spring, cowboy boots are perfect for the days when you want a little change. One of the absolute best cowboy boot making company is the very famous Paul Bond western boots. They make extravagant to simple boots that will just blow your mind away and make you addicted!

Polka Dots: Previously in one of my other posts, polka dots are the latest in thing that you cans see all of the A-listers in. An adorable polka dot item is this adorable, fun, and flirty leifsdottir shibori dot dress($298)

Lavender: Not only is the smell of lavender so in style, so is the color! From lavender eyeshadow to a lavender dress, everything about this site or smell just screams out SPRING! If you don't have at least one thing lavender in your closet, I suggest you buy these cute Tibi crepe de chine ruffled shorts($240) right now.

Stars: Although not July 4th yet, you can start bringing out your patriotic side! Stars, big or small, is an amazing pattern to have in your stash. I love personally love when stars are paired with stipes, but not in the uncle sam type of way. A really cute star dress is this Derek Lam star-print dress($1,490).

02 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/3-5/9

Monday: Wear a nice orange sundress with a huge white scarf and aviators. Hair should be down and straight with the front piece braided back. On your feet you can wear beige rope sandals. Makeup should be natural with a nice sparkle tint to your lip gloss.

Tuesday: Wear a nice grey shirt with stars on it tucked into a tight striped mini skirt. The patterns mix well together. You can have a pair of doc martens on your feet. If doc martens are a little too edgy for you i say just stick with a nice black sandal. Hair can be down in a side braid and makeup should be neutral because the outfit already has so much going on.

Wednesday:Wear a pair of bleached denim shorts, white tank top, and long layered metallic necklaces. Hair should be extremely wavy with a section of the top part put up into a subtle poof. Shoes should be purple wedges to add some spunk. If you prefer boots, wear a motorcycle boot. Makeup should be neutral with a smoky eye.

Thursday: Wear a pair of chinos, white tank tucked in, and boyfriend blazer on top. Your feet should have a peep toe shoe with a kitten heel in a bright color to give the outfit some much needed pop. Hair should be down and wavy with practically no makeup besides foundation and brown eyeliner. If you prefer to wear your hair in a bun do so but then include a pair of silver or rose gold hoops in your look.

Friday: Wear a metallic strappy sandal with a short flowy white skirt. Wear a nice polo(love the ralph lauren ones) on top. Hair should be in a messy bun. No jewelry. It would add too much to a relaxed laid back look. Makeup should be none besides some rosy blush.

Saturday: Wear a white tight tee, grey leather jacket, dark wash skinny jeans, peep toe beige heels, brown belt, and long yet subtle necklace. Hair should be down and wavy or straight. A nice accessory would be an oversized bag.

Sunday:*BREAK DAY*  Wear a pair of leggings and an old top. No makeup and let hair air dry to give yourself and your body a rest to be replenished on monday.