09 April 2010

Shoes Tell Us Their Names.

Over the past few days, I have been looking at great shoes on the web. A trend I came across was not with the shoe itself, it was with the name! Most of the names were like gibberish. Like Wala, or Freya. It was crazy and why not just call it suede fringe boot or something. So I decided to do some research. These words are not actually gibberish they have definitions that can explain the meaning of possibly what the designer saw in the shoe. For instance, in norse mythology, freyja(spelled differently but sounds the same) was a goddess who was associated with beauty, gold, and love. Maybe thats what the designer associated the shoe with. The same circumstance comes with wala. Walla,(again, spelled differently but sounds the same)  is the sound effect that american radio, television, and film use to imitate the murmur of a crowd. The designer possibly wanted to have people talking and murmuring about his/her fantastic shoe. I found both these things very interesting because it explains so much about what the designer is trying to accomplish with his/ her shoe


  1. interesting views, Samantha. that's very acknowledging. thanks for sharing!

  2. You have a very cool and interesting blog here Samantha! The names of shoes like cosmetics has become just as intriguing as the item itself!
    And I agree with you on the color of my belt that you commented on, I have been searching lately for the perfect brown one!
    xoxo Jolie

  3. Senorita Fashionista,
    This is a link for a really cool brown belt and not that expensive:

  4. Wow I always thought it was random too but this naming thing makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)