06 April 2010

Kardashian Sister's Design Jewelry Line for Virgin Saints and Angels

Another celeb trying to make it in the fashion industry! Wow. The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, are designing a collection of Jewelry for L.A based Virgin Saints and Angels. The line will have a nice Armenian(their ethnicity) style to it, perfect for the summer. They say that each piece has symbolism behind it. All the pieces also look a tad religious. But what can you except from a line named Virgin Saints and Angels! After seeing photos from the line, I personally think that everything looks a little...drab. How many celebs lines can we take! We always know the sisters to having great style though, and they will grab at the opportunity to make money, so hey, maybe we'll all be in for a little surprise. Kim's personal favorite piece is the Armenian tiara. Each point stands for one of the sisters.

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