25 April 2010

Polka Dots

Will you look like your mother's picnic table cloth that she uses for family BBQ's, or will you look like a fashionable person following the latest and coolest trends. Here's some tips for mastering the second idea.
        1. The brighter the color, the smaller the polka dot: You don't want to wear something that is overpowering you. For instance, a nice robin egg blue tank with small polka dots is a lot more fashion forward than that shirt with giant polka dots.  

        2.  Mix it up: If your wearing a polka dot shirt, why not throw on a pair of seersucker shorts to scale the look out. Personally that is one of my top ten outfits for summer.

      3. NEVER EVER wear two polka dot items at the same time: I don't care if its a bracelet and hat, or shirt and flip flops, you never want to break this rule. This WILL make you look like summer table setting rather than summer trend setting. The only obvious item that can have two pieces matching polka dots are bikinis.

         4.Be confident: If you walk out of the house not feeling great about your outfit, you will not look great in your outfit. Be sure to give yourself reassurance that you look amazing so you can feel amazing.

         5. Leather: Polka dots are sweet girl next door type of style, so why not give a little adventure to the goody-two-shoes look. Leather is the answer! Leather jacket, leather bag, leather shorts, leather headband, leather sandals, leather bangles, leather belt, leather anything! 

         6. Pair white and navy or white and black polka dots with bold accessories: Why not push the envelope a little bit? Why not try a nice statement necklace or scarf? Works amazing.

         7. Always stick with the same size of polka dots: Never have an item that varies the size of polka dots. It will give you unwanted curves.

          8. Who wears short shorts?: When you wear polka dot shorts, wear it with a loosely tucked in white tank. It will give you the desired beachy look that everyone tries to grab in the summer.

           9. Spice up an all black outfit: One of the best way to wear polka dots is with an all black outfit. That one hint of polka dot makes the outfit liven up.

             10. Be Smart: Before going out of the house in your shirt/shorts/skirt/romper...look in the mirror or ask a trusted friend, "Is this right for my body shape?" For some people, stripes widen the hips or bring out the bust. Know if its right for you.


  1. I love polkadots, nice post :)

  2. these outfits are great !


  3. I love polka dots! These are all great looks

    -Shoeless Simone

  4. Wow, victoria looks amazing in those white pants!