31 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/31-6/6

Monday: Wear baggy blue cotton short shorts with a white pull over sweater on top. Hair can be down and straight. On your feet where white high heeled platform loafers. Makeup should be subtle with a nice coral lip stick.

Tuesday: Wear white jean short shorts, and a nice white v neck tee. Over the v neck where a bright blue boyfriend blazer. On your feet wear moccasins or metallic boat shoes. If you prefer to remain with sandals have a nice metallic gladiator sandal. Hair can be in a fishtail side braid and makeup can be neutral with a nice rosy blush along cheekbones.

Wednesday: Wear black leggings, High heeled up to knee black booties, plain grey tee, and a red military style jacket buttoned up over that. This gives you a very edgy look. Hair can be down and straight. Makeup should have a nice coral lipstick and bronzer.

Thursday: Wear a white tank loosely tucked into a polka dot skirt. Wear an oversized boyfriend jacket over that.

Friday: Wear a pair of boyfriend jean short shorts, black medium sized belt, a  slouchy grey v neck barely tucked in, and black peep toe high heeled booties. Over your shirt you can wear a nice loose, baggy, oversized black cardigan.

Saturday: Wear a grey tee, black leggings, military boots, and a nice boyfriend blazer. A really nice accessory is an oversized camouflage patterned scarf and an oversized bag. Hair can be down with a slight wave and makeup can be subtle with a nice blush along cheekbone.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and thats all. No makeup and let hair air dry o give yourself a break from the week.


  1. How awesome that you plan your outfits! I should do that more often!

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