10 May 2010

Clothing Store of the Month. Splendid

Splendid is an amazing clothing line that is just, well, splendid. It's soft as cashmere materials make it addictive to go back to any other brand. When you wear splendid, other people look at your stylish outfit and love it, but you forget your in a stylish outfit because it feels like your wearing your comfiest pair of light weight pjs! Splendid is always full of color to brighten up your wardrobe in the absolute best way possible.

You might think that some laboratory scientist spent months locked up in his lab trying and trying to create the absolute softest yet fashion forward fabric on the face of the earth. But in reality, it was just a lawyer. Moise Emquies to be exact. He is the mastermind behind founding and creating the Mecca of all softness.

In 1992, Moise Emquies, law school graduate, was sitting in a local bar waiting to find out the results for his California bar exam. His friend, knowing how stressful waiting can be, decided to offer him the chance to create a simple t shirt for her store. Moise, being the driven person that he is, jumped right on the opportunity, thinking it would be fun. He learned about all the different textiles, trying to find the absolute highest quality one to put his design on. Once he found it he created his t shirt, which quickly sold out of the store. While that was happening, his law career was also succeeding, for which he got his first job at a law firm. However, Emquies didn't want to leave fashion behind.

Moise began designing more and more t shirts for his friends bar when he had free time away from the office. He kept on boosting his quality and softness to the next level, always seeking for the best of the best. Then, he created his first fashion company, Leopold, which he owned for nine years. Although this line didn't reach fame, he met and hired a key person that would help him reach fame in the years that followed. Her name is Pamella Protzel. Now the head designer for another line that Emquies owns, Ella Moss. Does that name ring a bell? Splendid was born from Emquies' quest to find the best t shirt in the world. The softest fabric, and most color absorbing yarns, molted into one.

The quest took ten years, when he found the ultimate duo. Fifty percent supima cotton. Supima cotton gives the shirts the fabric body, and fifty percent micro modal. Modal is a form of rayon that makes his incredible apparel super soft and that has bright colors that doesn't fade in the wash. He named his line Splendid. Splendid because it was just that; Splendid.

In 2002 splendid launched and has been growing above and beyond ever since. Each year, Emquies and his staff are always ready to push it even farther. Because of this motivation they have created, tanks, thermals, dresses, shorts, leggings, sweats, cardigans, sweaters, tees, and other comfy and colorful pieces. In 2005, they created Splendid Littles, a line that babies can wear and love, and Splendid Mills, a line that men can love.

My personal new favorite Splendid piece of clothing is their new Modal Contrast Dress($155)

Celebs seen wearing splendid include: Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, Diane Kruger, and Courtney Cox.

Full credit for this article goes to: http://www.splendid.com/our_story.html


  1. I have a black v-neck from splendid, and I can without a doubt say it's my favorite t-shirt I own.the label makes shirts that are so so comfortable!