03 May 2010

What's a May-be NOT for May

Tanning Beds: Everyone wants a tan but don't risk your life for one. Also, tanning beds make you look fake and snooki-like. Stick to the bronzer and spray tan.

Celeb Clothing lines: It's easier to dress well than make good clothing. Half the time they aren't even making the clothing, their "team" is. It's just a big no.

Chokers: Although edgy, leave this look for the bulldogs because it just doesn't work well on human necks.

Mohawks: It just looks tacky. Either get a complete buzz cut or leave your hair long.

Drastic highlights: Blond highlights against dark hair or dark highlights against blond hair. In the summer, your hihglights/ hair will get even lighter and it will look even faker than it already does. The highest you can go is two tones from your natural color.

Bustier tops: They are trashy, not classy. It's okay to wear them under a dress or shirt, just not as the dress or shirt.


  1. I agree with everything you just said...

    chokers make people look like they don't have a neck and they look chubbier