11 June 2010

Cameron Diaz on cover of InStyle

Being along side Tom Cruise in the summer flick, Night and Day, isn't the only thing Diaz should be lucky for this Summer. She also has been selected the cover girl of InStyle magazine's July Issue! Since she has already starred on the cover numerous times, she is no stranger about how to make herself shine..on the inside and out. On the cover, Diaz looks fab in a beautiful white Gucci dress, and chic de beers earrings. In the magazine she talks about almost everything from working out to latest flings(a-rod), and acts as down to earth as if you were talking to a good friend. And of course, she looks fabulous all at once. Well, she is known for her crazy multitasking.

photo from :http://jjb.yuku.com/topic/621896/t/Cameron-Diaz-on-InStyle-magazine-July-2010.html