09 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/10-5/16

Monday: Wear a nice red tank With a Floral mini skirt. Over your red tank wear a pretty yellow cardigan. On your feet I suggest mocassins. Hair can be down and wavy while makeup can be subtle with a nice pop of bright coral lipstick.

Tuesday: Wear a nice silk shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers. Wear boat shoes on your feet. Hair can be down and wavy or up and messy. Make sure to give yourself a smoky eye so you look fashionable rather than a waitress.

Wednesday: Wear a white tank tucked into a ruffled black skirt that goes to about two inches above your knee. On your feet wear black high heeled booties. Wear a nice long necklace that is noticeable but not the center of attention. Wear hair back into a sleek high pony or down with huge waves. A nice accessory is a white oversized clutch. Makeup should be subtle with a rosy blush along cheekbone.

Thursday: Wear a white caftan with a beaded belt over it. On your feet you can wear a pair of metallic boater shoes. Hair can be down and wavy. Makeup should be subtle with a bronzer on places normally where you get the most tan(or burnt).

Friday: Wear a nice pair of white slightly ripped jeans, a tight but not too tight white tank, leather jacket, and a scarf with a pop of color. On your feet wear a pair of suede boots. A nice accessory would be a pair of aviators. Hair can be down and straight and makeup should be subtle with nothing on the lips because then it would clash too much with the scarf and aviators and you definitely don't want to spoil those two amazing pieces.

Saturday: Wear a pair of acid wash jean shorts, white tank, and a sequined boyfriend blazer over it. Hair can be in a messy high pony or down and straight.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of grey sweats and a black tank. Hair can be air dried and in a pony and no makeup to give yourself a rest for a busy monday. Wear flip flops (or slippers) on your feet.


  1. such a great and cool post, fab advice, especially the sunday's one! ;)
    lots of love

  2. this is awesome hun love it, sat sounds cool as. be wicked if you could post pics of each..you can create these looks at polyvore ! x

  3. Love the outfit in the picture!!! I would love to just wear that everyday hahaha