23 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/24-5/30

Monday: Wear a blue and white striped tee, white cotton shorts, and brown wedge espadrilles. Wear a bib necklace over the shirt. Hair can be down and wavy. Makeup should be subtle with a foundation that gives a glowy tint to your face.

Tuesday: Wear a white silk tank tucked into floral shorts. Over that wear a nice black oversized blazer. On your feet wear a pair of wedges or metallic sandals. Hair can be in a side braid or down and straight. Makeup should be simple with a nice coral lip stick

Wednesday: Where a pair of blue and white pin striped shorts and a with a nice button down medium shaded blue blouse. You can wear a piece of jewelry that goes down to the collarbone if you want to. On your feet wear a pair of metallic or brown boat shoes or a pair of brown sandals. Hair can be down and straight and makeup should be subtle with a coral lipstick.

Thursday: Its spring so it's time to whip out those pastels. Where a white tank, pastel orange cardigan, pastel pink shorts, and mocassins. Hair can be in a side braid and makeup can consist of a rosy blush along collarbone.

Friday: Wear a white jean short shorts with a long sleeved army green loose shirt and brown sandals. An accessory that i recommend is a brown fringe bag. Hair can be down with a slight wave with a piece in the front clipped back into a braid. Makeup can be natural with a nice bronzer along areas where you generally get the most sun.

Saturday: Wear a cute white mini dress with a grey studded biker jacket over it. On your feet you can wear a pair of nude gladiator heels.

Sunday: *Break Day* Wear a pair of brightly colored biker shorts and an oversized sweatshirt so you can feel relaxed and comfortable. No makeup and hair should be air dried to give yourself a much needed rest.


  1. monday is probably my favorite day!! great idea, and love the blog!


  2. Thanks for the comment Samantha! I love all the seven outfits =) xx great blog!

  3. thanks for your styling suggestion for the shoes! you gave me some great ideas!!

    love your styling suggestions on your blog! maybe you could combine them with examples? that would make a great visual!

    Check out my brand new blog, i would love to hear your opinion!



  4. Ooo this is a great post; nice idea!
    Thanks for your comment :) x

  5. This makes dressing so much easier! Even if I don't have exactly what you suggest, I can easily improvise!

    Love your blog. :) Marcie

  6. What an interesting post!! I really like your blog :)