02 May 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 5/3-5/9

Monday: Wear a nice orange sundress with a huge white scarf and aviators. Hair should be down and straight with the front piece braided back. On your feet you can wear beige rope sandals. Makeup should be natural with a nice sparkle tint to your lip gloss.

Tuesday: Wear a nice grey shirt with stars on it tucked into a tight striped mini skirt. The patterns mix well together. You can have a pair of doc martens on your feet. If doc martens are a little too edgy for you i say just stick with a nice black sandal. Hair can be down in a side braid and makeup should be neutral because the outfit already has so much going on.

Wednesday:Wear a pair of bleached denim shorts, white tank top, and long layered metallic necklaces. Hair should be extremely wavy with a section of the top part put up into a subtle poof. Shoes should be purple wedges to add some spunk. If you prefer boots, wear a motorcycle boot. Makeup should be neutral with a smoky eye.

Thursday: Wear a pair of chinos, white tank tucked in, and boyfriend blazer on top. Your feet should have a peep toe shoe with a kitten heel in a bright color to give the outfit some much needed pop. Hair should be down and wavy with practically no makeup besides foundation and brown eyeliner. If you prefer to wear your hair in a bun do so but then include a pair of silver or rose gold hoops in your look.

Friday: Wear a metallic strappy sandal with a short flowy white skirt. Wear a nice polo(love the ralph lauren ones) on top. Hair should be in a messy bun. No jewelry. It would add too much to a relaxed laid back look. Makeup should be none besides some rosy blush.

Saturday: Wear a white tight tee, grey leather jacket, dark wash skinny jeans, peep toe beige heels, brown belt, and long yet subtle necklace. Hair should be down and wavy or straight. A nice accessory would be an oversized bag.

Sunday:*BREAK DAY*  Wear a pair of leggings and an old top. No makeup and let hair air dry to give yourself and your body a rest to be replenished on monday.