27 February 2010

Clarisonic-A Revolutionary Way to Wash Your Face

ClarisonicOkay. Every night and morning you might wash your face with your new supposedly "miracle" face wash,  but have you ever wanted to take a step further but save time? It probably seems impossible to make that possible. Yet, the creators of the Clarisonic skin cleansing system did. I personally use it, so I know that this is no joke like the wave. It really makes your skin clearer, fresher, and can take away an annoying zit overnight.  Also, it takes off makeup 6 times better than manual washing. Something that I personally figured out with this incredible product is that if you use it right before you put on makeup, your makeup comes on more cleaner and will stay on longer. Clarisonic has a variety of different brush types for different levels of sensitive skin. They also have their own face washes. Although pretty expensive, the clarisonic is no waste of money and you will be extremely happy with it.

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