27 February 2010

An Outfit for Every Day of the Week

Monday: Today, wear something comfortable yet stylish. I suggest a a pair of boyfriend jeans, and tight tee-shirt so you don't look sloppy. Wear your hair down with a little wave. On your feet, wear a pair of moccasins. Your makeup should be natural with a shimmery eyeshadow on your eyes and a nice glossy lip gloss.

Tuesday: Today, wear a tight black knee length skirt. A silk white blouse, and a nice black sweater to throw over it when cold. Wear low heals on your feet. If it's cold out, wear black stockings and black boots of any length. I suggest to wear your hair down and straight. Your makeup should be natural with a little bit of blush and bronzer on your cheekbones. Also, a nice neutral lip stick would also be nice. If you want to play up this look, add a smoky eye and change your lipstick to an orangish lip gloss.

Wednesday: Wear a nice big cashmere sweater and leggings. You should wear uggs or low boots with it. Make sure to wear your hair down with a little curl so your face looks proportional with your body because of the sweater's bagginess. Makeup, if any on, should be very very light with a bit of foundation.

Thursday: Wear a pair of jeans, gray tank top, with a plaid shirt over it. On your feet you can wear any sort of boot, and I suggest that your hair be in a high pony or down and straight. Makeup should be focused around the eyes with a soft brown eye-liner and soft eyeshadow.

Friday: Wear a black tight shirt and black jeans. Throw a a bunch of long necklaces over the shirt so your outfit doesn't look so dark. Also, wear a white tank top under your black shirt if needed. You should wear boots or uggs with your look. Hair should be down because up would make you have the impression of a staff member. Makeup should be very light with a tad more bronzer than usually.

Saturday: Wear black leather leggings, Knee length black boots, and a sparkly white tank top with a black tank underneath. Makeup should be more than the workweek, but don't over do it. Focus around a subtle smoky eye. Hair should be wavy/ all out curly. Whatever you would rather do. On your feet, you should wear an ankle boot high heel in black or cheetah.

Sunday: Wear a pair of grey sweatpants with a white tank top. Don't do your makeup or hair so it can breathe for a day. Wear uggs on your feet or just plain flip flops.

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