13 February 2010

Lady Gaga-How much is too much?

Lady Gaga has been the talk of every U.S household at one point in this past year. Either because of her unique singing voice, crazy concerts, platinum blond hair, well written and somewhat odd lyrics, or OUTRAGEOUS fashion style. But really, when has her fashion gone too far?
The first time we heard of Lady Gaga, it was at the beginning of the Rihanna Chris Brown downfall, where a poppy new voice (later known to be Lady Gaga) came onto the radio and became a hit. But the more hits Lady Gaga came out with, the more crazier and crazier her outfits became. First she ha the painted lightening bolt on her face, then came the massive hair pieces, which evolved into bubble outfits, which evolved into shoes on her shoulders and antlers. She even didn't give up her crazy clothing identity while meeting the queen! It has always been a highlight not just to hear her perform but to see what she was performing in. At the Grammys, she had a wide array of outfits ranging from rhinestones to arrows. However lately she has gone a little too far. Pearls GLUED to her face and decked out in white paint and a white outfit. Has she crossed the line of edgy to insanity?


  1. Definitely not crossed the line... yet.

  2. No. That's her 'thing'. She is a performance artist. I'm not that gaga over Gaga but I admire her one of a kind pizazz. Then again I grew up with Madonna and Cyndi Lauper...all this is not new.
    Lady Gaga doesn't have to be normal. That's what Stefani Germanotta does and is. She's smart. The more OTT Gaga is, the more Stefani gets left alone to just be.