12 February 2010

What's out like a lamb for March.

Red Lipstick- It is too overused. Just like a song that is popular. The first time you heard it you didn't like it, but then it grew on you the more times it was played, but now it is just an annoyance because it is on the radio like five times per hour!

Neon Nail Polish-It will not be a helpful accessory to add to your outfit this March. Because of all the bold colors and patterns coming out, it will take away from your outfit and just make it too hectic.

Buns and side ponies-It's time to be less "uptight" this coming Spring. Literally. It is time to let loose and your hair down will add an element of softness to your outfit.

Bold black eyeliner-No, it doesn't make you look good. It makes you look tired and is prone to smudge. If you still aren't ready to loose your love for bold eyeliner, go for a brown color because that will make you look a little bit warmer.

Rompers- Even though they were very popular this past year, rompers are at the time to say buh-bye to high fashion.

Crazy colored leggings-Although you always feel fun wearing them, they aren't the most flattering look to have this March. Try more of black, brown, grey, white, and even dark purple leggings. They will compliment you better.

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