19 March 2010

An Outfit for Every Day of the Week

Monday: Spring is finally here! Wear your hair in a teased ponytail with neutral makeup focused around a very faint pink color for your eye shadow with brown eyeliner and clear mascara. Wear a brightly colored oversized button down shirt with a white denim skirt peeping out from the bottom.  For shoes, a low open toe neutral kitten heel would be cute. Make sure you have a pedicure(recommend bright color) so your feet look polished. If you prefer to have your legs covered, wear the shirt with a pair of black leggings and no skirt. I recommend for you to wear a brown low boot with that.

Tuesday: Wear a nice off the shoulder yellow/orange/red shirt that is loose with a pair of white shorts and beaded sandals. Hair can be either up or down. I recommend that it is straight although wavy and curly could work also. For an accessory, aviators would work. Makeup should be neutral with a blush that has a sparkly tint.

Wednesday: Wear a *classy not trashy* camouflage tank top with a denim jacket over it and dark colored jeans with black boots. Since the shades of denim are two different colors, the look won't look tacky. A brown belt would look nice. Hair should be down and wavy and makeup should consist of a less in depth version of a smoky eye.

Thursday: Flower dress! Wear a casual flowy and floral dress with a leather jacket if its cool outside. Ballet flats or sandals will work. If you want to dress it up wear a pair of neon pumps. Wedges would make it too beachy. Hair should be down and straight, wavy, or curly. Makeup neutral with a shiny peachy lip gloss.

Friday: Wear a white tank top, boyfriend jacket, and black denim shorts. If its still too cold to wear shorts, wear jeggings. With shorts wear a sandal and with jeggings wear a boot.

Saturday: Wear a thin black striped(stripes shouldnt be more than an inch thick) shirt. It can be skin tight or really loose, with a big long dark colored scarf over it and a brightly colored tight mini-skirt. Hair should be pin straight or really curly. Makeup should be neutral with a sparkly moisturizer on before to give your skin a glow.

Sunday: Wear your hair natural and no makeup to give your body a rest to rejuvenate today. Wear a comfy oversized sports team sweatshirt and black leggings. Wear uggs also.

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