27 February 2010

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Collection

Deborah Lippmann started off as a normal, yet very good,manicurist. She was discovered by Celebrity and runway makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Now, she has a close bond with Mariah Carey,and does celebrity nails ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Cher. She has a new and amazing nail polish collection with about forty different shades. The clever thing about this is that they are all named after songs! My personal favorite color in her line is Happy Birthday. This is a nail polish color that although takes plenty of coats to fully put on, makes your nails look they were just dipped in a high end glitter bucket. Her colors range from a glamourous old hollywood glam red to a fun edgy pink that will work on any occasion. Another good quality about her nail polish is that it doesn't leave streaks like other lines. I highly recommend this line and you will probably be seeing it commonly in magazines like Vougue and Allure. This is money well spent and will last awhile on your nails.

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