12 February 2010

An Outfit for Every Day of the Week

Monday: Because on Monday's you are generally tired and just getting into the swing of things again back at work/school so i recommend to wear an oversized button down shirt and bold black leggings. You should wear your hair down and if its not the best hair day for you throw it up into a messy high ponytail with a few pieces hanging out from it in the front. Because it is Monday and you'll generally be tired, i say flat boots of any dark color works well with this look. To wear this outfit more polished, wear a thick high wasted belt over the large buttoned down shirt. If you want to wear heels I recommend low pointy toes cheetah ones. Your make-up should be very neutral with a little bit of color in your eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

Tuesday: For tuesday, wear a simple colored t shirt with long layered necklaces. Wear your hair down or else your outfit won't look proportional. Make your hair have a little bit of volume instead of stick straight. Wear dark colored blue jeans and a brown belt. Your feet should have flats or a boot. If it is a little colder out, wear a long thick scarf instead of the layered necklaces. For makeup, have very natural everything with very peachy, glossy lips.

Wednesday: Wear a white curve hugging skirt, turquoise tank top, and beige colored kitten heels. Again, I recommend hair down with a little bit in the front pulled back into a "Snooki" poof. If it is colder in the area that you live in, through a beige jacket over your outfit. For makeup, have very a very natural look with a little bit of bronzer than usual if you want to keep up the "Snooki" theme.

Thursday: Because you are so excited for Friday and finally used to the week, wear a pair of "tie dye"(a mix of white and light blue) jeans and a casual tee of your choice. Keep your hair stick straight with nothing in it because it will just take away from your jeans. For your feet, wear a pair of Uggs or if you want to dress it up a bit, wear a pair of silver medium to high length heels. Wear makeup with a little bit added teal eyeliner and a peachy lip stick.

Friday: It is finally Friday! Wear a black tight short skirt with a silky white shirt tucked into it but tucked in loosely. Throw on a Brightly colored necklace to play it up a bit. On your feet, you can wear any type of heel you want a long as it is not sky high or else it will degrade your outfit to trashy. Because your outfit is so chic, your makeup should be natural besides a little bit more makeup on your eyes.

Saturday: Party Night! Wear a red dress about three or four inches above your knee. It show your figure but not be too tight. Have beige high heels on but not sky high or else it won't end great. Your hair should be down and curled. Makeup should be natural with a little eye glitter so your eyes will sparkle when the lights hit them. But you don't want to overdo it. Eye glitter can be found in Mac stores.

Sunday: This is just a casual day. Wear a short cropped shirt with a tank below and and baggy(but not too baggy) sweatpants. Wear Uggs or sandals. Wear little to no makeup so your skin can take a breather. Take a shower and let your hair air dry so you let it have a rest too.

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