31 March 2010

What look you should leave behind with the snow for April

Spikes: Sorry Rihanna, but your trademark spikes are now overused and causing Disturbia to spring style. It's more like a weapon than a fashion statement.

Oversized sweaters: They make you look sloppy and slouchy. Try a nice cardigan instead to keep a clean look.

Excessively Ripped leggings: No, you aren't keeping with the styles, your trying to look like you've been attacked by a group of yappy chihuahuas. This style was popular in the past year, but now its time to say good-bye and rip this look to even more shreds. Also, not many people's body types can look good in this so its best not to try.

Calf length dresses: Not only is this look extremely hard to pull off, it is just too harsh for Spring. Now that it's warm it will also be uncomfortable in the heat fro you to wear.

Fake lashes: First off, it hurts your real lashes. Second of all, it looks too showy and unrealistic. Everyone knows someone who goes overboard on the fake lashes and it does not look classy nor pretty. If you still don't want to ditch this trend, try applying clusters of fake lashes and putting them on rather than strips.

Work-out/shape up shoes: If they work for you to shape your calves/other body parts or not, they don't look very pretty. It's not really trendsetting to go out of the house with them on. Kiss these shoes goodbye!


  1. I don't think the length is the issue here. A calf length dress can look so sexy. I think it is sthe style combined with her overall look - it is too OTT - the fringe OR the belt - not both, for example.

  2. I agree with the whole list, 100%
    can you just list UGGs as generally awful too? I just want them to go away..