20 March 2010

Spring into this look for April

Dr. Martens- These low cut boot shoes are perfect for Spring! Buy a quirky color like pink or a floral print and pair it with a cute skirt, shorts, jeans, or basically anything! This is the new up and coming accessory that you will see everywhere.
Stripes-Stripes jump you right into Spring. It is perfect for any occasion. Just so it doesn't look tacky, stick to this rule. The longer the shirt, the wider the stripes. For instance, if you have a shirt up to your hips, the stripes should be an inch thick or less. For every three inches down, the stripes can be an inch thicker.
Neon Scarf-It can still become pretty cool outside in Spring so to keep up with brightly colored spring wear a neon colored scarf. It will brighten up your look on those cold days.
Bleached Denim-It adds a new refreshing look to your usual jeans. An innovation to your usual look that will make you noticed for all the right reasons. Bleached Denim looks great on every body shape, especially on curvy.
Floral Prints-What's Spring without some florals? Floral shoes, floral leggings, Floral skirts, floral shorts, floral shirts, floral hats, floral everything! Just don't put too many floral prints at once or else it will just all blend together and look like mush.
Beads-Beads can add a chicer look to anything, including tank tops, skirts, belts, and shoes. No, I'm not talking about beads you wear around your neck, I am talking about sewed in beads to the clothing/accessory.
Bangles-this dresses up and makes outfits more flirty. Wear it with anything and it will get compliments.
Jean JacketsJean Jackets are the Springs leather jacket. It works really well because it has a softer look than the leather jacket. If you want to wear it while wearing jeans, make sure that the jeans are a different shade of denim than the jacket or else it would look too tacky.
White Jeans-It adds a warm happy flare to an outfit.
Gold-Gold colored dresses will put the spotlight on you. It is a good color instead of the usual black dress.
Oversized Bags and sunglasses- Not only does it make you look tinier, it adds a nice laid back effect to your outfit. An amazing spring item that will never sit in your closet.

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