12 July 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 7/12-7/18

Monday: Wear a black tank with ripped white skinny jeans. Over the tank wear a cute studded leather vest. On your feet you can wear a pair of metallic ballet flats. Hair can be down and straight with a little wave.

Tuesday: Wear a pair of army green cargo pants, white v neck, sequined cardigan, wooden bangles, and embellished sandals. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup can be of course, neutral.

Wednesday: Wear a denim dress and mules. This is a great look for the country a trip to the countryside. Hair can be down and straight and makeup can be natural looking.

Thursday: Wear a pair of pin striped blue and white shorts, white tee, and oversized straw tote and aviators. Makeup should be neutral and hair should be in a side braid.

Friday: Wear a yellow tank and white denim shorts. On your feet wear a pair of brown loafers or moccasins. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup can be subtle.

Saturday: Wear a black sundress, crochet sweater, black sunhat, and metallic gold wedges. This gives you a very sultry look for a sandy beach barbecue. Hair can be down and beach wavy and makeup can be neutral with a light smoky eye.

Sunday: *Break day* Wear a sweatshirt and shorts and flip flops to give yourself a rest! Let hair air dry and makeup should be nowhere in site!

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  1. hey this is so cute! if i'm ever at a loss for an outfit i will so use your suggestions! lol