18 July 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 7/18-7/25

Monday: Wear a blue and white striped shirt and cherry denim jeans. On your feet wear a pair of moccasins or white converse. Hair can be down and straight and makeup can be neutral.

Tuesday: Wear a sleeveless blouse and khaki mini skirt. On your feet wear a pair of sperry top siders. Hair can be in a side braid and makeup should be neutral.

Wednesday: An oversized light blue and white pinstriped button down with the sleeves rolled up and white denim short shorts make a great summer outfit. On your feet, I suggest a pair of metallic sandals. Hair can be down and straight and makeup can be subtle.

Thursday: Wear a white tank, jean shorts, leather belt, and white cardigan. On your feet you can wear moccasins or metallic gladiators. Hair can be up in a bun or down and wavy. Makeup should be neutral. A great accessory that you can add if you want is aviators.

Friday:Wear a nice white, grey, and yellow striped tank, skinny jeans, and snake skin peep toes or moccasins. Two nice accessories are bangles and a metallic tote. Hair can be down and straight and makeup should be natural.

Saturday: Wear a metallic silver dress with a black boyfriend blazer over it. Wear a pair of silver mettalic strappy heels. Wear hair  down and straight and makeup should have a smoky eye.

Sunday: *Break day* Wear a pair of comfy shorts and a comfy tee. Hair should be air dried and no makeup to give yourself a much deserved rest.

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