24 July 2010

An outfit for every day of the week 7/26-8/1

Monday: Wear a printed fitted dress with a cropped denim shirt over it. Roll up the sleeves of the shirt to make it a little more rustic. Hair can be down with a few wisps in the front pulled back. Makeup should have a bright coral lipstick.

Tuesday: Wear a white graphic tank tucked into a pair of printed short shorts. Have a medium sized leather belt to give a nice transition from your upper body to lower body. Wear leather sandals and brightly colored bangles. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup can be subtle.

Wednesday: Wear a floral dress with ultra black textured stockings This give a sweet look with an edge. A great pair of shoes to wear this outfit with are moccasins or black booties. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup should be au natural.

Thursday: Wear a navy blue and white striped top with a cheetah printed mini skirt. Throw in some hints of metal to give yourself an edge. I recommend chunky metallic bangles, and metallic peep toe kitten heels. Hair can be down and wavy and makeup can have a nice cranberry colored lip gloss.

Friday: Wear a black sequined mini skirt with a white tank over it. Layer lots of long necklaces and bangles for some extra flair. On your feet wear a pair of black pumps. Hair can be curly and makeup can be natural.

Saturday: Wear a white sweater dress with layers and layers of long black pearl necklaces. On your feet wear black pumps. Makeup should be subtle and hair can be in a messy bun.

Sunday: *Break day* Wear a pair of sweats and a v neck to give yourself a break. You should let your hair air dry and makeup should be nowhere in sight. Use an exfoliator to replenish your skin from the salty ocean water and Summer sun.

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