09 December 2010

Scrooge is not in style this holiday season

Everyone gets in the holiday giving spirit during the month of December; more tips, more free cups of coffee, and definitely more smiles. So why not make someone else's life a little easier and also benefit yourself with a little christmas present to yourself or a loved one? We all know that nobody likes a selfish, stingy scrooge.

  1. invisible children necklace- designed by the one and only Kristen Bell, this small and subtle necklace helps needy children in Uganda. 
  2. Feed Bag 10- Following the popular fad from last year, this-eco-friendly, chic, practical, and oh and with your purchase you provide 10 school meals to children through UNited Nation World Fo0d Programme's School Feeding program-bag is the perfect gift to grant to anyone in the family who wants to make a fashionable difference in children's lives.
  3. My Biotiful Bag-With this fun bag, which you can see numerous celebs such as Kristen Chenoweth, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian, and Stephanie Pratt, green is the new black! Eco-Friendly never looked so good...on your shoulder!
  4. The Tory Burch Foundation- All of these great pieces designed by the one and only Tory Burch are super cute and super benevolent. Helping provide economic opportunities to women and their families in the United States, the Tory Burch Foundation should be the most coveted thing in Santa's big red sack that even Mrs. Claus had to have it.
  5. Kate Spade hand in hand bangle- this beautiful bangle not only looks good on your wrist, but also donates 25% of it's profit to women worldwide, helping women in war torn countries rebuild their lives.

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  1. Oooh what great causes!!! Definitely some good products, might have to get something...haha :D